Ripple & Murmur - Sounds of Underart

Ripple & Murmur – Sounds of Underart

Ripple & Murmur will release their second album in February. It is a live recording containing the music from Underart (Cirkus Cirkör). Underart is a contemporary performance based on a crash landing, what happens after and what kind of forces that bring us forward in life. The music, created in...
Daniel Ögren - Sånga

Daniel Ögren – Sånga

Sånga is the third release by Daniel Ögren on Havtorn Records and it is the result of a collaboration between artist Karin Granqvist and musician Daniel Ögren. Their work has been going on for a year and it´s now presented in this 12” vinyl-record. It consists of 8 compositions and...
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Anna Ahnlund won This years lyricists at Manifestgalan!

Anna Ahnlund won This years lyricists at Manifestgalan!

Anna Ahnlund won Manifest and SKAPs award This years lyricists for her album Omnejd! Congratulations! Anna Ahnlund – Omnejd
Looking forward for 2015!

Looking forward for 2015!

We ended 2014 with a wonderful festival in Malmö in december. Thank you all who came and made those two days marvellous! Big thanks to all the bands who gave us six touching experiences. We had a great year with two festivals, nine releases and three new members. Now we are in the start of...
Havtorn Records Festival 12-13 december

Havtorn Records Festival 12-13 december

From one festival to another. The second edition of Havtorn Records Festival takes place December 12 to 13 at Ribersborgs Kallbadhus in Malmö! Facebook event –>   Havtorn Records Festival is arranged by Havtorn Records in cooperation with Musik i Syd, with the support of The Swedish arts council via Svensk Jazz, Malmö Stad, Region Skåne and...
Festivalen Bredvid 15-22 aug

Festivalen Bredvid 15-22 aug

We really couldn’t resist! Parallel with the Malmö Festival we will arrange our own festival at the  fine restaurant and wine bar Tryne till knorr in Malmö. Festivalen Bredvid will offer two concerts each evening with lots of great music and awesome experiments that you don’t want to miss! Program The concerts will start 19:30...
Anna Ahnlund - Omnejd

Anna Ahnlund – Omnejd

In June 4 2014, Anna Ahnlund makes her solo debut with the album Omnejd, which will be released on CD and LP at Havtorn Records. Her music paints a multidimensional world where notes and voices capture the listener. It simultaneously embraces and chafes. Anna’s Swedish lyrics deal stylistically and imaginatively with the universal, inevitable questions...
Daniel Ögren - Brev till Kristinehamn

Daniel Ögren – Brev till Kristinehamn

The latest album of Daniel Ögren is Brev till Kristinehamn. There´s synths, Bolivian folk, ”Dalarna” and the sound of a cassett-portastudio. Daniel plays all the instruments and has recorded and produced the music. It includes nine songs, everyone is recorded in the living room of Daniel´s apartment. Brev till Kristinehamn will be released in a...
Ellen Pedersen - EP

Ellen Pedersen – EP

Ellen Pedersen presents her first EP, which is released on june 11th. She writes music where soft soul, in interaction with beautiful string arrangements, meet both the pop and jazz. With charming song in Swedish, she describes in her writings emotions and states that most of us can relate to and understand. The official releaseconcert...
Brigaden video release

Brigaden video release

Lukas Backland made a beautiful video for Brigadens song alberto IV. Don’t miss this masterpiece!
Hannah Tolf - The Park

Hannah Tolf – The Park

The sparkling Gothenburg singer Hannah Tolf now releases her first solo album on Havtorn Records where she along with three prominent musicians meet in improvisations derive from profound compositions and astute stories that firmly grasps the heart and soul. It’s beautiful, it’s organic, it’s completely spellbinding. The albums common theme is the elements of choirs...
Ava - Ava

Ava – Ava

Ava releases their debut album on April 16th! All music is written by Nils Andersson, guitarist and composer originally from Vindeln in the north of Sweden. Together with Linda Bergström on vocals and Simon Petersson on double bass the trio is complete. Two years ago in Malmö: In a one-room apartment surrounded by traffic noise...
Brigaden - Om Alberto och några andra gubbar

Brigaden – Om Alberto och några andra gubbar

Brigade debuts with the album ”Om Alberto och några andra gubbar”, which is released on March 26th. It is instrumental music; indie pop and prog rock. The sound stage is dominated by roaring saxophones, backed up by an aggressive rhythm section and is colored by hammond, piano and nylon guitar. The music is a pastiche...
Makross in Estonia

Makross in Estonia

In april, Makross embarks on a journey to the wonderful country of Estonia, spreading their jazz message across the baltic sea. Concerts will be given at different venues across the country, check out the Havtorn Calendar for more information. And check out Makross webpage for info and music: