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Daniel Ögren - Mountains (LP)

Daniel Ögren - Mountains (LP)



Catalogue number: HR026

Artist: Daniel Ögren

Title: Mountains

Release: 2015-12- 07


Daniel Ögren – electric and acousticguitars/synthesizers/clavioline, Anton Toorell – electric guitars/synth guitar, Erik “Erkka” Petersson – hammond organ/synthesizers, Ulrik Ording – drums/ percussion

Johan Graden – piano on “Her Words” Nils Berg – saxophone on “Her Words” Edvin Nahlin – synthesizers on “She’s in my Dreams” and “No Worries on the Beach” Oscar Widegren – electric bass on “She’s in my Dreams”

Track listing:
1. Bob the dog
2. Just friends
3. Malou is a fish
4. She's in my dreams
5. No worries at the beach
6. Her words
7. Into the wild
8. Fuck smartphones
9. Is this goodbye?
10. The last time I saw the mountains

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